Congratulations to the 2017 Winners!


Best Website Over 50K

<h3><strong>Best Website Over 50K</strong></h3>
Blatchford Website


Best Website Under 50K

<h3><strong>Best Website Under 50K</strong></h3>

Sandra Mills & Vincent Piotrowski

Best E-Commmerce Website

<h3><strong>Best E-Commmerce Website</strong></h3>
Oliver Apt

Lift Interactive

Best Microsite

<h3><strong>Best Microsite</strong></h3>
Shadows of the Academy Microsite

DDB Canada

Best Mobile Experience #2

<h3><strong>Best Mobile Experience #2</strong></h3>
Alberta Distance Learning Centre Website

Paper Leaf

Best User Experience

<h3><strong>Best User Experience</strong></h3>
Shadows of the Academy Microsite

DDB Canada

Best Mobile Experience

<h3><strong>Best Mobile Experience</strong></h3>

City of Edmonton


Best Industry Training

<h3><strong>Best Industry Training</strong></h3>
Electronic KidClot Interactive Thrombosis - Thrombophilia Education (eKITE)


Best Informal Learning

<h3><strong>Best Informal Learning</strong></h3>
International Yacht Training eLearning Program

Leara eLearning Inc.

Best Informal Learning #2

<h3><strong>Best Informal Learning #2</strong></h3>
Tunngavik App

Fission Media

Best Massive Open Online Course

<h3><strong>Best Massive Open Online Course</strong></h3>
Mountains 101

Onlea Corporation

Best Post-Secondary Educational Program

<h3><strong>Best Post-Secondary Educational Program</strong></h3>
Suzuki Talent Education Society Website

Alberta College of Art & Design


Best Short Film

<h3><strong>Best Short Film</strong></h3>

Sticks & Stones

Best Motion Graphics

<h3><strong>Best Motion Graphics</strong></h3>
Christmas Eve

Sticks & Stones

Best Design

<h3><strong>Best Design</strong></h3>
Grandin Fish 'n' Chips

Lift Interactive

Best Illustration

<h3><strong>Best Illustration</strong></h3>
Patient Safety Game

DDB Canada

Best Gaming Experience

<h3><strong>Best Gaming Experience</strong></h3>
XGen Studios

The Low Road

Advertising & Social Media

Best Social Campaign

<h3><strong>Best Social Campaign</strong></h3>
Help Save Centre 4800

Redline Interactive

Best Non-Profit Project

<h3><strong>Best Non-Profit Project</strong></h3>
Food Finder YYC (SMS Chat Bot)


Best Non-Profit Project #2

<h3><strong>Best Non-Profit Project #2</strong></h3>
Fairness Works

Redline Interactive

Best Display Ad or Campaign

<h3><strong>Best Display Ad or Campaign</strong></h3>
Fly Over Canada Spring Campaign Video

Evans Hunt Group

Cross-Platform Campaign

<h3><strong>Cross-Platform Campaign</strong></h3>
Impaired Driving - Spot the Difference

DDB Canada

Best Commercial Video

<h3><strong>Best Commercial Video</strong></h3>
A Better Plan for All: The Watch

Redline Interactive


Best Virtual or Augmented Reality

<h3><strong>Best Virtual or Augmented Reality</strong></h3>
Fairness Works: Refugee Crisis

Redline Interactive

Best Installation

<h3><strong>Best Installation</strong></h3>
University District Interactive Display

The Rapid Eye Movement

Best Software

<h3><strong>Best Software</strong></h3>
Nothing But Tires: Inventory Management System

PDERAS Consulting

Best Hardware & Innovation

<h3><strong>Best Hardware & Innovation</strong></h3>
Fairness Works: Refugee Crisis

Redline Interactive