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Announcing the 2016 Embers Judges

From New York and Chicago to Shanghai and Dubai, we've collected the best of the best to see what Alberta has to offer. How do you stack up?
Join us on September 28, 2016 in celebrations and find out first-hand at the Ember Awards!

Jens Karlsson

Founder & CCO Global, Your Majesty

Jens Karlsson is Founder & CCO Global of Your Majesty. He has led the creative department on award-winning projects for clients such as Intel, Netflix, Formica, Nature Valley, Ralph Lauren, The New York Times, Amazon, Gilt, Nikon and AMEX. He is also a photographer working in landscape, architecture, travel, fashion.

New York, United States

Sara Blake

Illustrator & Designer, ZSO

Sara Blake is a New York City based illustrator and designer. Mostly she makes art under the name ZSO. On dry days she leaves free art and love notes around New York through Love Letters to NYC. She is a design director through Minetta Design Co. working to create brand experiences. She is 1/2 of Solid Gold House and a Rocket Car.

New York, United States

Tommy Lewis

Technical Evangelism Manager, Microsoft

Tommy Lewis is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft who at 8 years old thought that there was a frog apocalypse happening in his backyard. It turned out that it was just the rain made all the frogs come out and hop around. Since then, he has been at Microsoft for over 18 years and has evangelized everything from Visual Basic 6 to HTML5 to Design for web developers and designers world-wide; he even once ate a “century egg” while in China.

Vancouver, Canada

Robert L. Peters

Founder, Circle

Robert is a designer, artist, activist, and writer. From 1976 through 2014 he was principal of the award-winning design consultancy, Circle. A former Icograda president (now ico-D), he is the author of the book Worldwide Identity, and a 20-year foreign feature correspondent for Communication Arts magazine. Robert is a humanist and lifelong environmentalist — he remains active internationally as a design consultant, strategist, policy advisor, writer, juror, lecturer, and expert speaker. He was raised and schooled in Germany, Switzerland, and England.

Winnipeg Beach, Canada

Joost Korngold

Motion Designer & Director, Renascent

Joost graduated in ’99 from a graphic design school. After having worked for various webdesign agencies he started Freelancing under the name Renascent in November of 2002. Currently active in visual static and motion imagery for different media, he has worked for clients such as Nike, Wired Magazine and HewlettPackard and has been commissioned by numerous advertisement agencies around the world.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Carole Guevin

Founder & Editor, Netdiver Magazine

Carole Guevin is an internationally recognized pioneering editor + curator of the creative industry. She founded one of the first design portals, Netdiver Mag back in '98 and to this day, she is passionate about showcasing the design digital culture. She has served on many prestigious award programs as well as was invited to speak at major design events.

Montreal, Canada

Jackson Chang

Creative Director, Independent

Dutch / Chinese Creative Director with 15 years of experience in Brand Design, Experiential and Interactive digital media. Excelling in creating simple yet creative user-centric solutions for complex and multi-disciplinary design application. Currently based in Shanghai working on accounts for clients such as LEGO, Mammut, Porsche, Hugo Boss and more.

Shanghai, China

Greg Hoyna

Head of User Research and Design, Scottish Government

Greg is a multi award-winning Creative Director with 14 years experience of real-world and digital design, Greg leads on creative concepts and brand development within a national programme to transform public services by exploiting the latest thinking in digital design to maximise engagement and openness.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Marcelo Baldin

Sound Designer & Musician, Combustion

The Italian Brazilian musician Marcelo Baldin has been writing music and creating sound experiences for several projects across the globe since 2002. From TVCs, to installations, and even writing electronic arrangements for big music label artists. Marcelo has worked in several different places, from small design hotshops to big advertising agencies, in São Paulo, Paris and Milan, also working remotely for Chicago and New York agencies branches.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Rina Miele

Creative Director, Honey Design

Rina Miele is a creative director & designer providing detailed web, UI, logo and identity, and typography design. Her experience ranges across a variety of brands such as Discovery, Harvard, Newsweek, Jet Blue, Nintendo, HBO, Time Warner, eBay, Atlantic Records, and Humana working with a number of leading agencies. Her strengths lie in her diversity and interdisciplinary sensitivities honed through a broad range of projects.

New York, United States

Kim Alpert

Director of Creative Technology, DCI Artform

Kim believes, first and foremost, in human-centric design and integrating technology with strategy in her time-based work. With a background in fine art, music, and carpentry, Kim brings an attention to detail and diverse styles to both her video installation and advertising work. Kim’s art primarily focuses on humanism, media and change. Kim holds a degree in Digital Art & Design from Full Sail University and was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2013.

Chicago, United States

Ingi Erlingsson

Co-Founder & Creative Director, Golden Wolf

Ingi is a guy that wears many hats, but mainly the hat of the co-founder and creative director of Golden Wolf, an animation production company based in Shoreditch, London. Golden Wolf makes animated content for all kinds of clients, mainly in the advertising, entertainment, sport and music industries. Other than that Ingi runs a few blogs, co-founded Hurt You Bad magazine and dabbles in graffiti once in a blue moon.

London, United Kingdom

Owen van Dijk

Tech Lead & Creative Technologist, Imagination

As the founder of the Adobe User Group in Amsterdam, Owen has organized over 30 meetings and 2 sold out conferences, bringing worlds best digital talent and agencies to Amsterdam. In his daily life he works as a Tech Lead & Creative Technologist at Imagination London blending experiential & digital for the worlds biggest automotive clients. He is also a FWA SOTD Judge since 2014.

London, United Kingdom

John Black

Founder, CypherAudio

John Black is the founder of CypherAudio, a creative sound design and music studio. CypherAudio has collaborated with award-winning design studios, artists and directors to create work for clients like Google, Nike and IBM among many others. His work is varied in scope and direction, and exists on the edge between sound design and music, art and commerce.

Toronto, Canada

Daniel Schutzsmith

Co-Founder & Creative Technology Director, Mark & Phil

Daniel is a rare breed – an equal-parts hybrid of business, design, programming and strategy – ready to change the world. He’s the Creative Technology Director and Co-Founder of Mark & Phil, a digital creative agency making marketing and fundraising easier for nonprofits of all sizes. Over the past decade he has worked with clients such as Adobe, Greenpeace, CosmoGIRL!, Live Earth, The Pixies, MTV, Phish, Nelson Mandela Foundation, PBS, They Might Be Giants, TBS, Pepsico, and Dave Matthews.

New York, United States

Ingrid Kopp

Senior Consultant, Tribeca Film Institute

Ingrid Kopp is a Senior Consultant in the Interactive Department at the Tribeca Film Institute where she works at the intersection of storytelling, technology, design and social change. She programs TFI Interactive and curates the Tribeca Storyscapes program for interactive work at the Tribeca Film Festival and is a frequent speaker on the subject of interactive/immersive storytelling. She started her career at Channel 4 Television in London.

Cape Town, South Africa

Tom Muller

Associate Creative Director, Code and Theory

Tom Muller runs his studio helloMuller, where he partners with, and designs for technology startups, movie studios, publishers, media producers, filmmakers, and ad agencies — eschewing the boundaries between creative disciplines to make modern work that is relevant, that resonates and inspires — applying a craft-like finesse to the creation and execution of visual communication and identity across all platforms.

London, United Kingdom

Warren Wilansky

President & Founder, Plank

Warren is the President and Founder of Plank, a Montreal-based digital agency that specializes in developing websites and mobile applications for all types of companies and organizations. He takes immense pride developing projects that matter and aim to make the world a better and more enjoyable place. Some of Plank's past and present clients are: Michael Moore, The Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Rush, Bioware, The Sun Magazine, Culture Days, Yellow Pages Group, McGill University, and Bell Centre.

Montreal, Canada

Leslie Camacho

Chief Customer Officer, Pixel & Tonic

Leslie helps people succeed in life by freely sharing his biggest wins and best mistakes earned from 20 years of building CMS companies. As the Chief Customer Officer for Craft CMS he helps agencies, freelancers, and clients succeed everyday in business and technology by putting the human experience first. As co-host of the Marriage Startup podcast, he dons his "recovering ex-ceo" hat and helps business owners & executives keep their hearts whole at home and work while building a sustainable business.

Bend, United States

Ethan Smith-Gillespie

Founder & President, The Program

Ethan is Founder and President of The Program, and idea company in Portland, Oregon. He guides the team at The Program as they create digital experiences for some of the world’s most ambitious lifestyle brands. He also coaches college soccer and is an avid mountain runner.

Portland, United States

Jim Fitt

Founder & CEO, Velsoft

Jim is an energetic, award-winning edupreneur and a global eLearning evangelist. He is the founder and CEO of Velsoft which serves clients in 164 countries from offices in New Glasgow, Halifax, Antigua, London, and Johannesburg. Jim is also the founder of znanja, Eager2Learn, Gameo and countless other edtech companies. Jim balances work with a passion for community economic development and can be often found volunteering both locally and in locations such as Guatemala and the Philippines.

Nova Scotia, Canada

Ben Slavin

Founding Partner & CEO, Chalk + Chisel

Ben Slavin is a founding partner and CEO at Chalk + Chisel, a digital product agency based in Baltimore. An engineer by trade, he leads a team of strategists, designers and developers dedicated to the thoughtful practice of their craft.

Baltimore, United States

The 2016 Ember Awards will be celebrated at CAMP!

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