Every industry in Alberta has a digital component whether it’s a website, app, operations system, installation, or video. Digital technology is what drives the world forward, and Alberta should be leading the way.

By celebrating digital excellence in Alberta, we:

  • Encourage students and talent to stay in our province.
  • Promote collaboration between groups, which leads to innovation.
  • Attract the attention and support of government and organizations.

Your support is key to not only help us celebrate and promote digital in Alberta, but to help us grow this important industry right here at home.

Plus, with your sponsorship, you’ll reach digital members including developers, designers, agencies, start-ups, freelancers, students, and technicians who work in a variety of industries across Alberta.

Want to know more?

Drop us a line we'd love to hear from you. Have an idea for a custom sponsorship package? We’re looking for sponsors to support our members financially or with exposure, help offset costs, or just get the word out about Digital Alberta throughout the year.

To discuss a custom sponsorship package further, please contact:

Heleena Webber, Director
Community Engagement & Awards Gala

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Bram Timmer, Director
Events & Communications

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