Look back at Mobile World Conference 2017

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March 14, 2017
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Look back at Mobile World Conference 2017

Last month, after a week of being immersed in mobile technology at the Mobile World Conference, Ted Erickson, the Vice President of Northern Alberta for Digital Alberta, made his way back to Alberta feeling inspired and with a bag full of stories to share.

Because this was the first show of this nature that Digital Alberta has attended, Erikson had little expectation initially and hoped to gain insight into conferences of this magnitude to bring back to Albertan companies. “Having gone there and having seen what’s taking place, I think the opportunity lies in establishing partnership between international and like minded companies in Alberta to explore what business opportunities are in front of them,” Erikson noted.

Essentially, the aim of the Alberta contingent at the conference, was to connect companies around the world with specific groups in Alberta. The province’s attendance at the event helped to strengthen the Albertan voice in digital media and to leverage channels that can bolster the digital community. And the results have been quick. Connections made at the conference have already begun reaching out to Digital Alberta with the aim of forming ties and expanding business within Alberta.

Erikson says that the conference allowed him to view things with a new perspective and to look at digital technology through a world lens. “A show like this actually, I think it works on different levels. A show like this opens the mind to seeing what the world is doing.”  This was especially apparent at a smaller event that takes center stage beyond the large convention and about half an hour away from the eight main halls. Here participants got on stage and competed with other startups to make a pitch to investors.

Digital Alberta would like to thank ICT West for their generous support and for including us in this important initiative.  It was an incredible opportunity to learn from some of the best in the world, make connections, and have fun a little fun along the way.

Robyn Welsh
Robyn Welsh
Robyn is studying Communications/Journalism at Mount Royal University in Calgary. She is a co-founder and editor for Vamp Media (www.vamp.media), and has written for the Calgary Journal, The Reflector, Beatroute Magazine, as well as several others.