Welcome new 2018 board members!

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Welcome new 2018 board members!

Digital Alberta’s board of directors are an essential component of our success. We look to the board to provide leadership and connections in Alberta’s digital media space, as well as encourage more accelerations, disruptions and celebrations within the field. We are pleased to announce an exciting start to 2018 with the election of our new President, Kate Leadbeater, and VP North, Paul Bellows, along with a very strong and diverse board.

I’ve followed Kate’s career with interest for the last few years – she is known in the digital innovation space as a leader and disruptor, an award winner, and someone who is relentlessly passionate about her craft. I look forward to getting to know her better and witness the growth, passion and skills of one of western Canada’s top digital professionals. I am certain she will position her new role at Digital Alberta to enable further growth in the industry, and allow more Albertans to prosper for years into the future.

Our new VP North, Paul Bellows, is someone I’m familiar with, having traveled in the same circles for years. I’ve seen him sing (and have one of his albums!), and have also witnessed his digital agency, Yellow Pencil, and his boutique digital marketing agency, the Status Bureau, grow and grow. He is an accomplished, friendly, insightful, patient (and busy!) innovator, and I’m thrilled to be working with him on the board.

Please help us welcome Kate and Paul to their new leadership roles, as well as welcome the new (and returning) members of the Digital Alberta Board of Directors: Robert Andruchow, Heather Chapple, Chris George, James Graham, Meagan Hampel, Vicki Lazlo, Wade Muri, Sahr Saffa, Brian Stewart, Pamela Todd, and Jo-Anne Yau.

Last week, we had our first meeting to introduce the board members to each other. What struck me was the breadth and depth of everyone’s experience, as well as personal and professional accomplishments. The talent and passion in Alberta is astonishing. Together, we represent many different aspects of our industry: public and private, big and small, post-secondary and startup. Now begins the exciting work of tying it all together!

A special congratulations to our new volunteer leads, Kayla Baretta – Events, Jeff Archibald – Membership, and Sheri Doyle – Social Media. Without them, and the support of all our volunteers, it would be impossible to carry out any of our community-focused initiatives.

To say that the average digital professional in Alberta – new or veteran – is “busy” would be an understatement. But the sense of gratification and fulfillment of being able to give back to the community is indescribable. Please consider volunteering with us. Want to know more? Fill out our handy Volunteer Form and we’ll be in touch!

Chris George
Chris George
Long time Webbie, my roots lie way back in the land of BBS's and AT command sets. That was a long time ago, but hacking away 20 years ago has shaped what I do today: manage, and build web teams that in turn manage and build large, vibrant, high-profile web presences. I do what I love. Specialties: Web Manager, UI, UX, design, branding and identity, technology identification and requirements analysis, client liason, smiles a lot.